This is my reply, at 1203z on 5th July 2023, to the post
    (shown below) by W1VE, entitled "Announcing Remote
    Operations from WRTC-2002 HQ".

    Note that the "2022" WRTC took place in 2023 - it was
    delayed by the Covid pandemic.

    K1KI, the cq-contest moderator/censor, suppressed my post.

Subject "Vranyo".

Vranyo (look it up) may be defined as white lies or half-lies in some cultures, not necessarily told with the intention of (maliciously) deceiving, but as a fantasy, suppressing unpleasant parts of the truth.

The vranyo perpetrators are lying to us. We know they are lying, they know they are lying, and they know that we know they are lying. But they keep right on lying, and many of us pretend to believe them, as if they were not lying.

Nevertheless, vranyo is still a lie, and its ready acceptance creates a system of falsehood that undermines trust, and condones and encourages deceit, deception and irresponsibility.

Here are two relevant examples of vranyo.

1. Ham-radio QSOs take place between stations.
2. Ham-radio QSOs and internet-hosted contacts are identical, or have equal worth, in all respects.

The widespread and ready acceptance of these lies has led to the circus described below, with W1VE, AA7JV and N1DG as ringmasters, and the various remote operators as trained performers.

These people are, simultaneously, internet users and internet deniers. They copy the radio broadcasting model of separate studios and stations. They deny that it is HOW we contact one another that defines us, or used to define us, as ham-radio operators. To them, the end justifies their absolute and continuing dependence on the internet for each and every contact.

Remote operations in WRTC-2022 HQ represent deceit, deception and irresponsibility on an international scale.

Paul EI5DI

Lies, Damned Lies and Vranyo

How Lies Destroy Armies

    Announcing Remote Operations from WRTC-2002 HQ
    posted to the cq-contest mailing list on 02 July 2023 20:55, by W1VE:

Will you be a volunteer or guest who will be in Bologna, Italy for WRTC? If you are not actively involved over the contest period, why not come work the teams from around the world, in a comfortable, air-conditioned room in the HQ Hotel?

We had much fun doing this at WRTC2014 in Boston and WRTC2018 in Wittenberg!

In cooperation with the OC and with the help of Fabio, I4UFH, we have secured a room with fast Internet, and will have the equipment to support four remote operators.

Here are the stations we will have for remote operations:

In co-operation with George Wallner, AA7JV, the inventor of the Radio-in-a-Box (RIB) concept, NCDXA, and Don Greenbaum, N1DG, who recently completed the very successful VP6A DXPedition, they have arranged to give us exclusive access to a RIB located on George's yacht, Magnet. It will be anchored near Fakarawa Atoll (FO) in the south Pacific (Grid Square BH91). Since it will not be in the country, it will be a /MM operation, and be from ITU Zone 63. Thanks to Dave Pascoe, KM3T, we will be using the call WR1TC/MM (The club call from WRTC in Boston 2014). Note that the RBN will report the correct location during the event.

Another rare ITU Zone is 75, in the high-arctic. Pierre Fogal, VE3KTB, runs the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory (PEARL) Ridge Laboratory, located at 80 degrees 3 minutes N and 86 degrees 25 minutes W. Pierre is on site, and has arranged to let us operate remote for the contest. It will be another exciting Zone to pass out.

From South America, Dany Bernal, ZP5DBC, has a fantastic station in Asuncion, Paraguay, and is the host of the ZP5AA Club Call. For IARU, Dany's station will be the HQ Station for Paraguay, multiplier RCP as the HQ station. Our remote will be the operators for this event.

Finally, we have two American powerhouse stations available. One is K2LE in Vermont, and NJ4P in Tennessee. As we set up next week, we will decide on which station to use.

We will demonstrate a number of remote technologies, including the Elecraft K3/0 remote, and simple remotes using a computer for station control, with Mumble for Audio.

Obviously, the competing teams don't compete for Zone Mults, but the rest of world will, and these remotes will add excitement to the mix, and they will all be chasing the teams.

Should you be interested to operate, if you prefer a particular headset, please bring it along. 3.5mm for speaker and Mic are preferred. You will be connecting to a computer.

We will have sign-up sheets available at WRTC HQ starting Wednesday, July 5th. In the meantime, if you are interested in operating, please send an email to wrtcremotes@radiosport.network. Please tell us your name, callsign and home country. If you are licensed in more than one country, please indicate the countries in which you hold a license. if you have a WhatsApp number, please include it. Your license may determine which remote you can operate.

- *Gerry Hull, W1VE*

Remote Operating

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